Sell a House

Do you want to dispose of a house?

We buy Houses!

We pay exceptional prices for homes

We understand the position people may find themselves in when they want to develop a site and there is a house in the way. The costs associated with demolition can be daunting.

Give us the opportunity to appraise the house. You may be pleasantly surprised at its value.

How do we arrive at a purchase price?

There are several options with which we can assist you as a Developer/Home Owner:

Option 1. If a Developer/Home Owner can give us SIX MONTHS notice, then we can pay a premium price.

Option 2. If a Developer/Home Owner has less than SIX MONTHS then we can either offer to buy the house or to market the house depending on available time.

Option 3. If the house is really SHORT ON TIME we will do our best to sell it, and then transport it to our holding facility, therefore saving the Developer/Home Owner the demolition costs.

Option 4. We are always open for discussion to come up with the best outcome for our Sellers. (There have been times when we have traded one of our houses for one that a buyer no longer requires). Or, you may require a house to be moved or raised on an existing block. We can conduct and manage these projects.

Tips for our vendors/home owners

Site Cleaups

We can recommend reputable persons with whom we have worked, to clean the site and ready it for the next stage of development, or, we can organise a clean-up for you.


If you are demolishing a home we can recommend suitable persons who are licenced and experienced in demolition, and if necessary, the removal of asbestos products.

Our objective is to make disposal of your house as hassle free as possible. With 25 years in the business, benefit from our experience and avoid "surprises".