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"Grotty to Glorious"

This home was built in 1887 for a Sea Captain. It sat proudly on the hill at West End for many years. Around 1950's it was converted into 4 flats and that was the start of the demise of this beautiful home. By the time we rescued it in 1995 it was in very poor condition. The roof was rusted and leaking, the verandah floorboards had rotted out and it had suffered a fire in the front flat which had spread to the roof timbers. What a project!  Were we up to the challenge?  Of course we were. We were young and enthusiastic. The house was shifted in three sections to our land. First job was to bring in large skip bins. We then set about stripping out all the bathrooms, kitchens, partitions, rotten timbers etc. We spent many hours stripping back layer upon layer of paint. I had an old bathtub in the yard, filled with caustic soda. Into that went all the skirting boards, architraves etc. 
This was truly a labour of love, and contrary to our family and friends beliefs we transformed this wreck of a house back into the glorious home that it is today. These beautiful colonials are a joy to live in, and we loved every minute of it.

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