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For 25 years Proudly a family affair

Brisbane House recyclers has been managed proudly and successfully by the Cain Family for 25 years. During that time the Cain Family has recycled HOUSES OF DISTINCTION to new sites for new owners and preserved the architectural heritage of Queensland for many to enjoy visually and personally.

During that time Brisbane House Recyclers was supported by Geoff Collins a registered builder now retired, an Architect and a Town Planner as a consultant in matters relating to Council Approvals involving the new receiving Councils. Geoff Collins was on hand as a consultant over the life of Brisbane House Recyclers to offer advice on siting, environmental aspects of the relocation and planning matters where required by Councils.


Chris Cain and the Cain Family now wish to take a step back from the front line of the business and Geoff Collins will take over as the Owner and Manager.

Chris Cain will stay on in the background as a Consultant to offer advice and help to maintain the forward momentum of Brisbane House Recyclers built up over time.

Removal Houses of Distinction

Brisbane House Recyclers will continue to source distinctive houses and offer these houses at reasonable prices for purchase by a new owner . The potential new owners will be offered sound and accurate advice on all aspects of purchasing and owning a removal home. The process is simple if undertaken in a structured way by a professional team that has been built up over time by Brisbane House Recyclers.

Your Own Removal Home

Many have found owning a removal home is a viable and economical way to own a home and a way that compares more than favourably with contracting a ‘one off’ designer home.

Classical design, large rooms, high ceilings, traditional timber joinery and windows, wide real timber polished floors and extensive wrap around verandas are all possible at a reasonable price when considering the purchase of a removal home.

The Team

Once contracted, Brisbane House Recyclers will ensure a smooth passage in obtaining Decision Notice (Building Approval) to relocate the home.

The pre-purchase stage of a removal home is of utmost importance. Advice will be given on site selection, compatibility of house to land reinstatement of the removal home on its new site and most importantly FINANCING the purchase.

The purchasing team will ensure a constant flow of Houses of Distinction for your selection.

The management team of professional Architects and Project Managers will ensure a smooth and economical passage through Council and the Certification process by the use of knowledgeable consultants.

Our panel of removalists are all experts in their field. We expect nothing less from our team as the success of any removal venture is the final resiting of the home on its new site.

Make a removal house your HOME.

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of Brisbane House Recyclers so proudly stated will be maintained

To assist our clients in every aspect of purchasing a home and its relocation.
To be honest and fair in our dealings and to ensure our clients enjoy the experience.

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